Client Testimonials



Abhishek Gupta


BlackSoil with its customized & flexible debt solutions provided great support towards our new business initiatives in our early years. The team’s deep domain & structuring expertise provided us an edge while we explored new ways to bolster our business and solve problems in the highly fragmented hospitality space

Ravi Jora

Head Finance & Strategy

We are excited to have partnered with BlackSoil on our growth journey. Their team has a deep understanding of the start-up ecosystem in India and are extremely entrepreneur friendly. They have customized their products to provide us financing solutions that best suit our operations and requirements. They also have a strong network which they have leveraged to further support our growth

Pushkar Singh

CEO & Co-founder

BlackSoil is our earliest venture debt backer and we have enjoyed a great relationship with them. They are an amazing  team who are very entrepreneur friendly and have a deep understanding of how new age businesses are built. 

Avlesh Singh


We are delighted to extend our partnership with BlackSoil who came in as an early debt investor and since then has  supported us with repeat investments throughout our journey. They have a deep understanding of the business and  have always offered solutions as per our requirement. It has been a long partnership and we hope to continue this in  future.