Institutional lenders play a critical role in our onward lending business, allowing us to showcase our creditworthiness. Strong relationships with these lenders enhance our reputation as a reliable lender. Ongoing support and repeat facilities from various banks attest to the success of these relationships, enabling us to offer competitive financing options with a high level of due diligence.



Our family offices are core to our business. By investing in BlackSoil, family offices provide us with a stable capital base, enabling us to offer innovative and flexible financing solutions to promising startups and growing businesses. Their extensive experience in various industries and markets helps us make informed investment decisions and provide strategic guidance to our portfolio companies. The deep-rooted relationships they have cultivated over the years open doors to new opportunities and collaborations, further enhancing the value we bring to our stakeholders. Together, we foster a symbiotic relationship where our family offices contribute to our growth while benefiting from the potential returns generated by our ventures.

We have raised from these family offices in the form of – NCDs, contribution to our Credit Fund (AIF) and investments in our portfolio companies, as under:


+ Crs

Raised since Inception



Investor Base of HNI Families



BlackSoil has formed a distribution arrangement with two globally renowned wealth distribution partners to provide clients with access to top investment opportunities. This partnership highlights our commitment to excellence and will drive success for our business. We are excited to work together towards achieving our shared goals.



BlackSoil’s team of sponsors, employees and advisors are helping us to achieve our vision of building an alternative credit platform for growing new economy businesses which contribute to a sustainable future. Our sponsors provide valuable financial backing and industry expertise, enabling us to deploy capital effectively and navigate the ever-evolving investment landscape. Our talented employees bring their passion, expertise, and relentless commitment to our mission, driving our day-to-day operations and ensuring seamless execution. Our advisors, with their vast experience and strategic insights, offer invaluable guidance, helping us make informed decisions and optimize our portfolio. Their collective efforts, coupled with their unwavering support, propel BlackSoil forward, empowering us to provide innovative financing solutions and foster long-term partnerships with promising startups.