What We Do



We have domain expertise in providing flexible and customized debt products to rapidly growing startup companies via working capital finance or as Venture Debt. We also provide structured debt to established mid-size corporates for their unique needs.

Alternative Credit to

Growth Companies

BlackSoil provides short-term credit solutions to fast-growing, scalable, and underserved new economy businesses. These companies may not have access to traditional sources of lending and are typically funding their business through equity, which can lead to ownership dilution. The credit solutions offered by BlackSoil are designed to help these companies with their short-term financing needs, such as working capital, asset acquisition, or runway financing.

Growth Friendly

Alternative debt helps in growth since limited exposure by traditional lenders due to inability of borrowers to provide hard assets as security

Time Bound

Quick Evaluation and turnround time. Average one month disbursal time

Institutional Capital

Growth companies backed by institutional investors, having raised minimum Series A

Operating Cashflows

Underwriting with a focus on regular growing cashflows

Debt to

Financial Institutions

Blacksoil offers debt financing to new-age fintech companies and smaller traditional financial institutions (FIs) and Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs) that may have limited access to debt from traditional lenders due to their evolving business models. In addition to meeting recurring debt requirements, BlackSoil also helps build databases and analytics to underwrite and provide debt financing in multiple tranches more efficiently.

Onward Lending

Credit for onward lending to established NBFCs with good vintage, backed by promoters with excellent credentials, and profitable portfolios with low NPAs

 FinTech Friendly

Catering to the needs of fintechs with limited exposure from traditional lenders due to ever-evolving business models & statutory guidelines

Long-term Partnerships

Collaboration for extended periods to cater to the recurring debt requirements of Fls

Sectoral Expertise

Deep domain expertise which allows to structure the transaction as per their business needs

Supply Chain


BlackSoil’s SaralSCF is an in-house Supply Chain Fintech platform providing supply chain financing for SME channel partners for their purchases and sales invoices. With a fully integrated LOS and LMS, SaralSCF can seamlessly handle digital disbursements and collections, and is capable of integrating with channel partners’ ERPs through APIs. The platform has onboarded customers across geographies and customer profiles, from corporates to retailers and farmers.

StartUp ecosystem

 Making SCF presence in Startup ecosystem with in-depth understanding of supply chain

360-degree SCF Coverage

Customer acquisition through Anchors. Supply chain finance to vendors & customers of large anchors, with covenants from anchors

FinTech Support

Tech-enabled end-to-end LOS and LMS. Provides API access to channel partners for faster disbursements

 Quick TAT

Average 10 days anchor onboarding time and 2 days borrower disbursal time

Legacy Business

(Real Estate Business)

BlackSoil began providing credit solutions to established real estate developers through a SEBI-registered Cat-II AIF, BlackSoil Realty Trust in 2013. This Fund has exited fully. In 2016, BlackSoil Capital, a newly acquired NBFC started lending to real estate developers. In 2018 BlackSoil Asset Management Pvt. Ltd. (BAMPL), a subsidiary of BlackSoil Capital, started fund management activity for real estate funds, and currently manages two real estate SEBI-registered, Cat-II AIFs which have a combined AUM of ₹450+ Crs. In 2021, an associate firm of BlackSoil acquired Walton Street’s India operations along with the management team, and now the entity operates as WSB Real Estate Partners. It provides senior secured debt funding to high-quality real estate developers with a proven track record, in mid-income housing across Tier-I & II Indian cities. Since then, BlackSoil Capital has stopped lending directly in real estate.

WSB Real Estate Partners – BlackSoil’s Associate Company See what we have achieved in our legacy real estate business