CRISIL Benchmarking

CRISIL Benchmarking

Based on our intrinsic focus on a return-first approach for our investors, we have received a clear validation of our investment approach and methodology through the CRISIL Fund Benchmark which outlines the performance of our fund vis-à-vis the industry (vintage and sector). 

DPI: Distributions to paid-in capital | RVPI: Residual Value to paid-in capital | TVPI: Total Value to paid-in capital Schemes that have completed at least one year since their first close as on March 31, 2022, have been considered for the benchmark | Returns and ratios refer to post-expense, pre-carry, pre-tax values. Only those vintage years have been considered that have at least 3 schemes available | FY denotes financial year.

Credit Rating report

Blacksoil Capital Private Limited: Long-term rating reaffirmed; short-term rating upgraded to [ICRA]A3+ and fresh rating assigned to CP programme

*Instrument details are provided in Annexure-1; *Term loan of Rs. 15-crore and long-term/short-term unallocated bank line of Rs. 85 crore is merged together in long-term/short-term bank lines-fund based of Rs. 100 crore