Corporate Social Responsibility

at BlackSoil

At BlackSoil Capital, we are dedicated to making a meaningful impact beyond business, driving positive change, and creating a sustainable future for all through holistic community development, environmental stewardship, and health and well-being initiatives.

Enabling Access To Drinking Water For Tribal Communities

Impact: 16 drinking water tanks constructed each with 17K+ litres capacity.

Location: Mewat – Nuh, Haryana

Improving Farmer Income And Environment Conservation

Impact: 9000 fruit trees (Mango, Guava, cashew) distributed among 450 small and marginal farmers in 22 villages.

Location: Karjat, Maharashtra

Holistic Development Of Underserved Children

Impact: 28 children supported at Manav Children Home with food, stay, education and healthcare

Location: Panvel, Maharashtra

Nutrition Assistance For Recovering TB Patients

Impact: 1368 nutritious food kits distributed to 100 tuberculosis patients

Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra


Engagement Activities

Our employee engagement activities extend beyond the workplace, fostering meaningful community connections. From organising awareness workshops for farmers to tree plantation initiatives and visits to Children’s Shelter Home, our team actively participates in events that make a positive impact. Through these activities, we contribute to meaningful causes and strengthen our bonds as a team, inspiring collaboration and compassion in everything we do.

Farmers Awareness Seminar

The Farmers Awareness Seminar, organized by Tarun Bharat Sangh, focused on the importance of conserving rainwater and using groundwater judiciously, engaging farmers in discussions on these topics. Held at Mewat Centre and Bhond village, the seminar had a total of 134 beneficiaries, including 36 women. The Blacksoil team actively participated in the event, interacting with farmers to grasp their concerns regarding water scarcity in the region. The seminar proved to be fruitful, providing valuable insights into the impact of our CSR initiative.

Tree plantation activity

The Blacksoil team planted 20 saplings of fruit-bearing trees (mango, guava, and cashew) at the community center in Karjat on January 19, 2024. These saplings are created through grafting, allowing for early fruit production. The NGO provided a presentation on their organization and the program, including the plantation schedule and impact. Following this, we conducted the tree plantation nearby, and later visited a farm with various tree varieties, enjoying guavas from some trees. The NGO noted this activity as the most successful, as all saplings were planted with care, following instructions and without any damage

Visit to Manav shelter home

On January 20, 2023, our team visited Manav Shelter Home to engage in activities with the children supported by our CSR program. We participated in quizzes, drawing, sports, and computer knowledge sessions, creating a day of fun and learning for both the children and our team.