Current Supply Chain Anchor Partners

Current Supply Chain

Anchor Partners

Orange Retail Finance (Orange)

Orange Retail Finance is an NBFC primarily engaged in financing of new 2-wheelers in rural and semi-urban areas of South India.

ULink AgriTech (AgroStar)

AgroStar is an agriculture input-focused commerce platform. It provides a combination of agronomy advice coupled with service & agri input products, enabling farmers to improve their productivity & income.

Zetwerk Manufacturing Business (Zetwerk)

Zetwerk is an online on-demand manufacturing platform that reduces production, tooling, and time-to-market costs.

Hella Infra.Market (Infra.Market)

Infra.Market is a tech-enabled marketplace that provides one-stop solution for all major construction materials.

Green Agrevolution (DeHaat)

DeHaat offers end-to-end agriculture services to Indian farmers. It is engaged in providing online support and solution for farmers.

BigHaat Agro (BigHaat)

BigHaat provides integrated digital agriculture supply chain solutions. It provides accessibility of high-quality inputs to the farmers and market linkage solutions coupled with agronomy services.

Agstack Technologies (Gramophone)

Gramophone provides farming solutions. It is the one-stop solution for all kinds of inputs for the farmers. The firm helps farmers to buy crop protection, crop nutrition, seeds, implements and agri hardware at their doorstep.

Saveo HealthTech (Saveo)

Saveo is a digital distribution platform for pharmacies. It offers features like stock management, timely slot product delivery, distributors aggregators, virtual inventory etc.

Bhagwandas Retail (Lal10)

Lal10 is an online marketplace helping international buyers source authentic products from reliable and verified Indian MSMEs.

Brinton Pharmaceuticals (Brinton)

Brinton is a branded pharmaceutical company that focuses on high growth therapies like dermatology and pediatrics.

GOQii Technologies (GOQii)

GOQii offers preventive wellness services through subscriptions for personal coaching services with a wearable fitness band/tracker to its subscribers, along with access to the GOQii application.

Genworks Health (Genworks)

Genworks is in the business of distributing medical equipment, software solutions & interpretation services, and provide related maintenance, repair & installation services

Koye Pharmaceuticals (Koye)

Koye specializes in branded essential drugs in key therapeutic segments such as women, respiratory, primary, diabetic, and consumer healthcare

Shapos Services (Reshamandi)

Reshamandi is engaged in providing a platform for silk procurement. The company offers a mobile app for seri farmers, reelers, weavers and retailers for the procurement of silk.

Selfx India (Fashinza)

Fashinza is a tech-enabled B2B apparel manufacturing marketplace provides one stop solution and streamlined experience to fashion brands by connecting their demand to MSME manufacturers.