Exited Supply Chain Anchor Partners

Exited Supply Chain

Anchor Partners

Smartpaddle Technology (Bizongo)

Bizongo is a B2B e-commerce marketplace. It caters to the packaging requirements of logistics, engineering, food and beverages, chemicals, cosmetics industry, etc.


Groyyo is an industrial automation service provider. It caters to the manufacturing sector with AI. It offers solutions such as EEP automation, factory automation, etc.

Selfx India (Fashinza)

Fashinza is a tech-enabled B2B apparel manufacturing marketplace provides one stop solution and streamlined experience to fashion brands by connecting their demand to MSME manufacturers.

Trusource Technology (Rapidbox)

Rapidbox is a D2C online fashion brand operating in the affordable segment that is present in categories like footwear, apparel & accessories. Majority of the tasks ranging from designing, manufacturing, delivery etc. is done by the company

Saveo Technologies (Saveo)

Saveo is a provider of a B2B e-commerce platform for pharmacies. It offers healthcare delivery, procurement services & technology to pharmacies.